I have observed multiple cases in the past where mirc (or even a bug in the ssl dll's?) fails to accept a previously accepted certificate for a private network that contains only one server. In such cases i have specifically looked closely to make sure everything is the same each time (server name, address, real ip, connection port, all certificate data, etc) in order to try and work out what is wrong, without any luck (everything is identical). And as i have mentioned it may or may not work fine for that certificate the next time certificates are cleared completely, the complete inconsistancy of the behavior is what makes it so hard to digest.

Since you have introduced a global method of auto acceptance (which will certainly help, but as you say it can compromise security), is there any chance of something like the per cid internal flag (re /server flag suggestion) being introduced?

I will try and do some testing and see if i can figure anything out at all that might help explain the issue.

Thanks for checking into it, its been annoying me since the introduction of ssl in mirc. (side note: using same ssl dll's with a third party wrapper does not seem to have this issue when configured to only accept saved certificates)

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