I could, but as i said, it seems somewhat random... (i recall mentioning this some time ago).

To better illustrate what i mean by 'random' concider the following.

Clear all certificates,
Connect to servers 1 through 10 and A through C,
Perhapse one server (lets say 9) doesnt auto-accept the next time you reconnect to it, and dispite again selecting to auto-accept in the future it continues to ask every time.

Now, clear all certificates again,
Connect to servers 1 through 10 and A through C again,
This time server 9 has no issues with reconnecting and auto accepting, but maybe a different server will (lets say B),
And the cycle continues.

So you see it seems somewhat arbitrary which certificate(s) do not work as intend (in regards to auto acceptance)

I am not sure exactly HOW to properly test and narrow down what could possibly be causing this issue, which is why i have never posted a detailed bug report about it (although i have certainly mentioned it on several occasions)

If you have any ideas/suggestions on methods in which to test and help figure it out then i will be happy to assist.

In any case, i would still certainly like to see a feature similar to those (the /server addition seems more appropriate to me) that were listed above. (coz itteration of servers to get/accept certificates can still be troublesom). But i would certainly settle for this weird issue to go away heh (just to clarify, i have spoken to a number of others that have experienced the same behavior on different versions and different os's, so it doesnt seem to be specifically realated to my setup)

Edit: also mircs sslcache doesnt store any identification as to which certificate may belong to which network, so for the current servers that give me trouble i am not able to check if they are saved to mirc.ini properly or at all

Obviously, i can also not be certain if this issue is caused by mirc or by the openssl dlls.

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