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can you tell me please when I part ANY of #channel1,#channel2 it will remove ALL temp protect entries (from the ops of ALL channels)?

on me:*:part:#chan1,#chan2: { rem.protect $network $chan }
on me:*:part:#chan1,#chan2: { rem.protect $network net }

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if this happens, then I would like to remove the temp entries only when I quit/disconnect/close mirc and not when I get kicked or I part a channel
hum? This is i contradictory to the request above and, anyway, why keep protections for a channel you are not on? If you rejoin that channel, the temp protections will be added again.

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also I get this in my status:
tokenize 43 %tempprotect+#channel1+op1+
!protect -r
You might have mis-pasted the code, I see no other reason for this happening.

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also I get these lines in the status:
#Hellas somenick H x@ :0 x
does the script /who all the channel??? I dont think the first script I pasted does this, it only whoises the ops...
The script did always do a /who if not all the users of that chan are in your internal address list (which is most likely... whistle).


- If you join a (specified) chan, you want to protect all nonreg users by host (mask type 2).

- mIRC is able to look up the hosts of these users if needed (not a mask but a mask type is specified), e.g. /protect nick #chan 2 network
Quoting "/help /protect":
If you specify a type then the users address is looked up via the server.
...But the script request was about temp protection. As long as there is no "remove on exit" switch for the /protect command, a scripted sollution has to remember (store) which of the protections are temp protections - thus has to store distinct data about that. I used variables like %tempprotect+<network>+<channel>+<host> . The "host" part is the crucial point: it's looked up via internal address list.
Thus, a /who #channel is mandatory in most cases - /who-ing a chan is faster than /whois-ing ops only; you cannot who ops only.