Thats the whole script.

There is no "load" function.

See the bold? That means it triggers for ops and +h's. So it doesn't trigger for voices.

I meant so that it wouldnt mute them. Like right now a mute could mute a hop or an op. And vice versa. Was wondering if there was a way to not allow that to happen at all. Meaning it only works on those that are voiced. Again should som1 try to mute an op/hop an error message would say, this script does not work on ops or w/e.

Also for the spam script I am having a little trouble with it. Seems it will ban you and not kick you cause the difference is so close. And setting it apart you never get banned. So what if you set a timer for like 2 mins after the first spam and during that 2 mins if they spam again they are then banned. Can you do that? and if so how?


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