I dislike the way a message to multiple chans is showed in mirc. This is why I wanted to write my own alias for the msg event. This is my code:

msg {
if ( $numtok($1,44) > 1 ) { var %i = $v1
while ( %i ) { echo -t $gettok($1,%i,44) $+(<,$nick($gettok($1,%i,44),$me).pnick,>) $2- | dec %i }
!msg $1-

The only problem is that I also want to use the msg command in quiet mode. Is there any identifier to tell me if the msg command is called from quiet mode?

I already got the solution $show.
Still I'd like to suggest this as a feature made by mirc, showing the msg in multiple chans instead of me having to code it

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