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Posted By: snabbi display /msg multiple chans - 19/08/07 09:31 PM
I dislike the way a message to multiple chans is showed in mirc. This is why I wanted to write my own alias for the msg event. This is my code:

msg {
if ( $numtok($1,44) > 1 ) { var %i = $v1
while ( %i ) { echo -t $gettok($1,%i,44) $+(<,$nick($gettok($1,%i,44),$me).pnick,>) $2- | dec %i }
!msg $1-

The only problem is that I also want to use the msg command in quiet mode. Is there any identifier to tell me if the msg command is called from quiet mode?

I already got the solution $show.
Still I'd like to suggest this as a feature made by mirc, showing the msg in multiple chans instead of me having to code it
Posted By: RusselB Re: display /msg multiple chans - 19/08/07 10:04 PM
Feature Suggestions, have their own section on this forum.

Please post your Feature suggestion there, and also please be sure to mention/reference this topic so that people don't think you're double posting.
Posted By: starbucks_mafia Re: display /msg multiple chans - 19/08/07 10:08 PM
Well the $show identifier tells you if the . prefix was used, but you don't need to check it in this case. If you use the prefix with an alias mIRC will take that into account and apply it to commands called within that alias.
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