Heh, i almost suggested something like 'raw *:*:signal bleh' to cover incoming events before i realised mirc wont allow it smile However if you check out io.dll by Saturn you could use this to essentially do the same. Although i think its kinda of misusing it to trigger absolutely everything.

Of corse this doesnt cover anything script or user initiated, but its better than nothing as a solution to your suggestion.

I would personally prefer not to include this suggestion, however i can see a use for it if only to reduce code (for example, an antispam script would need just one event rather than half a dozen).

I have no objection however for a similar event that is limited only to internal new lines (like echo and aline).

And just for the sake of the discussion ON *:NEWLINE:MATCHTEXT:METHODS:{} where methods (or whatever you want to call it) definate the type(s) of newlines to trigger on.

Regardless of all this, my impression from the OP was that they mostly intend to use this with the /*line commands. In which case concider a workaround for now...

alias aline { signal whatever aline $1- }
alias dline { signal whatever dline $1- }
ON *:SIGNAL:whatever: { if (stuff) { $1- } else { halt } }

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