Most networks will not allow more than about 5 lines in a second without it flooding you off. /play is designed for such things. Better yet, if it's that menu-driven, creating a mini-client for players to download and use is very helpful as well.

Even then... let's say you do a 100 lines of text in a second at even 5ms difference for using {}'s (and that's more than it really is), you'd still only see a half second difference. Yes, it may be a little noticeable, but most people's LAG is more than that, so it's not really an issue, imo.

Either way, it's your script and you can do anything you want with it. I just normally don't bother helping with questions about scripts that have multiple things on one line (overusing pipes) or ones that don't use {}'s because it makes it more difficult to figure out where everything is in the script. When it's your own script and you already know the flow of it, it's not an issue. For someone trying to help you who has never seen the script, it makes it more of a pain, imo.

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