Thanks Riamus2, let me explain it a bit better.

I want to get a random passcode every 10 minutes - 12 characters (see example)
The user has to type the password in order to go on with what he/she is doing. - The passcode will be shown somewhere els on the page (all of this is happening in a dcc window)

Passcode: H6f8e4A5d2P7 Passcode change in 6:23

<bot> Please enter passcode now in order to proceed.
<bundy> H6f8e4A5d2P7
<bot> You may proceed.
If incorrect
<bot> Passcode incorrect, please try again.

If the passcode is incorrect, a notice get send out to #mychannel.

It's a game script, and I want it to get halted until passcode is typed - and restored after that.

Thanx a mil!

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