The "colour" command and identifier do exactly the same thing that the "color" command and identifier do. Theres no need to have both of them. Since "color" is the more widely used term (according to google), it should remain the only one.

The major motivation behind this is because the spelling of "colour" is clearly unamerican, and i've been getting a few letters from the department of homeland security concerning this matter. It's just too simple of a change to put up so much resistance over. It's just not worth it.

Also, another reason why /colour should be removed is to break backward compatibility. Backward compatibility encourages really lazy scripting and encourages the use of thrid party scripts without learning scripting first. Backward compatibility is a reason that most of the spamming, annoying, flooding, and exploitation scripts from yesteryear are still in use. I understand that none of those 4 types of scripts would use the /colour command, but It's a noble cause and as heartwarming as the motive is, I just don't buy it.

Also, can you imagine how badly the /colour command is promoting incorrect spelling? What if sesame street started teaching toddlers how to spell incorrectly. They wouldn't even know it was incorrect, and before you know it, we'd all wind up canadian without even moving.

And finally, the reason i bring this up is because I'm a close personal friend of Khaled's, and i know how much he hates people that have two-digit IQ's. I know how much he would love to "stick it to the man", "scam the scammers", and "give em a floppsy-dopsy ching-change turnaround".

In conclusion, I urge you to vote for this un-feature request because I know you'll do the right thing. Think about it this way: If you agree with me, then vote for me because I'm right. If you don't agree with me, then vote for me and use the same reason that 40 million americans did when they voted for the WRONG president. I still don't know what that reason is, but if I can use it to change mIRC for the better, then go me.

Your friend in time,

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