Please PLEASE add SWITCH's for Scripting within mIRC, to replace lots of Ifs... an example would be..

yes ift does replace lots of if's but what besides IF's would it really be? the case value would be stored, and then compared to each case select, whats that besides a bunch of ifs.

Actually a switch case doesnt work the way you showed using IF's, sicne if you dont BREAK in a case then the following code in the next case is also executed, untill it ends or

however with little work it can be preformed using if's, if have added a "d&c" case which is ment to show duck and cat case code.
alias moo {
  var %moo = $1, %in = $false
  while (!%in)
    if (%in) || (%moo == cow) { %in = $true | echo -a moo cow | break }
    if (%in) || (%moo == dog) { %in = $true | echo -a moo dog | break }
    if (%in) || (%moo == d&c) { %in = $true | echo -a moo duck }
    if (%in) || (%moo == cat) { %in = $true | echo -a moo cat | break }
    echo -a noo mouse | break
    %in = $true 

I have a couple of times said we dont need a case select statement, however im not against it in princible if it was added, just that it isnt really needed
It only is going to simplify a not overly complexe system as shown above. And i beleiev would be quite hard to code, considering the scripts are interpreted rather than compiled.

PS: the while loop is in theer to make use of the mirc /break command, it is never ment to be used to execute multiple passes of the code, as seen by the final command %in = $true, even tho that is never reached.