Well, I've diagnosed the problem. After repairing windows (which took the majority of my weekend due to a bad windows disk) once I booted up and ran mIRC and tested a DCC receive, the crash still occurred, but this time instead of straight to reboot, I got to see the BSOD error which was DRIVER_IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL pointing to mrv8ka51.sys. Google tells me that driver is linked to my wireless network adapter. More research also told me that people have been having a similar crashing problem with other applications such as bittorrent apps. So there's the problem. But there's no current solution from what I can tell (I have the most current drivers, and I've read that a rollback does no good), although I have emailed the manufacturer (Marvell) but I'm doubting that I'll even get a reply. So I went to the workaround for my system, wired networking.