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DCC/Receive computer crash

Posted By: slojo000

DCC/Receive computer crash - 07/09/06 06:03 AM

Every time I try to receive a dcc file, my computer eventually crashes. The send will usually work for a varied amount of time but the result is always a crash/reboot of my system. When the system boots back up I get the standard your system has recovered from a serious crash message from windows with no details. What's strange is that this problem has occurred in several different versions of mIRC (6.2 / 6.12 / 6.14 / 6.16) as well as in dIRC. I've exhausted the iphlpapi.dll solutions from this thread: http://forums.mirc.com/s...p;page=1#165938
to no avail. I've just moved from my home to my college dorm. When I've used mIRC at home I've never had this problem, is there anyway my university could be accidentally crashing my computer by blocking dcc some way, though it would be odd that they wouldn't just block the ports to connect to the servers. If anyone could offer any help I'd be grateful.
(Not looking for any "mirc is not a file sharing program" flaming, there are pefectly legit ways of utilizing DCC, even if some people exploit the feature)
Posted By: DaveC

Re: DCC/Receive computer crash - 07/09/06 02:07 PM

I would backup your data, and reinstall FRESH your OS, theres no way mirc should be able to crash the whole pc by just downloading a file, its more likely something unstable in the pc, like a hardware driver thats got corrupted. Mirc is just the program that happens to use/access what ever it is thats broken and cuases the crash.

aka If nails are thrown all over a road, and the same/only car keeps driving down the road and blowing out tires, do you say theres something wrong with the car or the road?
Posted By: slojo000

Re: DCC/Receive computer crash - 07/09/06 10:37 PM

Argh, seems a little dire. But it definitely seems to be my Windows now, the same thing occurs when running in safe mode. Also, I dug through the error message a little, found the error report, seems to be a driver issue but no driver updates are solving the problem (using Driver Magician.) I'll try to repair when I can get to my win cds and save format/reinstall for last ditch effort. Thanks for the reply.
Posted By: slojo000

Re: DCC/Receive computer crash - 13/09/06 06:57 PM

Well, I've diagnosed the problem. After repairing windows (which took the majority of my weekend due to a bad windows disk) once I booted up and ran mIRC and tested a DCC receive, the crash still occurred, but this time instead of straight to reboot, I got to see the BSOD error which was DRIVER_IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL pointing to mrv8ka51.sys. Google tells me that driver is linked to my wireless network adapter. More research also told me that people have been having a similar crashing problem with other applications such as bittorrent apps. So there's the problem. But there's no current solution from what I can tell (I have the most current drivers, and I've read that a rollback does no good), although I have emailed the manufacturer (Marvell) but I'm doubting that I'll even get a reply. So I went to the workaround for my system, wired networking.
Posted By: DaveC

Re: DCC/Receive computer crash - 14/09/06 07:11 AM

Solution, Dump crapy card/driver pack in trash, email company telling them they suck big time and that your telling everyone you know and some other people your stopping on the street at random tat there useless, then end with thanks for the last reply as well.
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