like i said, i discovered it back in mirc 5.9 i believe, so i have no clue what i did and had no code remaining for proving it.

i believe what i did was similar to this though:

set %mysring $replace(texttobereplaced,texttoreplaceitwith,texttobereplaced,texttoreplaceitwith,texttobereplaced,texttoreplaceitwith,texttobereplaced,texttoreplaceitwith,texttobereplaced,texttoreplaceitwith,texttobereplaced,texttoreplaceitwith,texttobereplaced,texttoreplaceitwith,texttobereplaced,texttoreplaceitwith,texttobereplaced,texttoreplaceitwith,texttobereplaced,texttoreplaceitwith,texttobereplaced,texttoreplaceitwith,texttobereplaced,texttoreplaceitwith)

all on one line, or something drastic like that. iirc when i clicked ok i tried out the script and it didn't work, so i went back into the scripts editor only to find that my script was gone.