agreed, the button size options are not to my liking, i would suggest that the 'small' be equivelent to the old mirc 6.17 and earlier size, AND in addition i think there should be a 'cutom' option to allow you to set the height and width manually as you were able to do in pre 6.2 versions.
also mentioned by Sephiroth_ here

I agree, in previos version you could also manually change the height and width, this feature is no longer availible in 6.2. Not quiet sure what advantage or reasoning was behind the change, but i dont see why the effort would be made to further restrict you by giving just 3 size options. (as apposed to an infinate number of possibilities in previous versions)

Mentality, while the difference is minimal (actually 2px on my system, 1 top and 1 bottom), for people in a larger number of channels and/or networks this can add up quite quickly.

My suggestion would be for the small option to be consistant with pre 6.2 versions of mirc (24x82?) and the addition of a 'custom' option where you can manually set the height to a value of your choice (as also avail. in pre 6.2 versions, width possibly no longer neccersary since it can be dragged)

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