Hello all.

Sorry if this has already answered, but I couldn't come up to something with the search function.

I want to highlight words. Not the whole line (that mIRC offers by default) but just the word that matches a specific string.

It took me some time to learn scripting basics and I've come to this:
On the remote tab:

on *:text:*:#: $replace($1-, "search string", "new string")

This though won't work on my case. It seems to work with the input event (along with some modifications) but I just want whenever I receive a message (on a channel or query) to change the received line to a highlighted word.

As long as I can replace the search string onto the incoming line then I suppose I can colorize it. (to highlight the word)

So summing up: Is my approach right? If not, is it possible to highlight a specific word (not the whole line) when I receive a channel (or query) message?

Hope this makes sense. Thanks in advance.