I find your posts very amusing, but to each there own, ill stick to some facts...

-Registration is NOT required.
-It is not stealing when a party willfully parts with his or her monies.
-There are many nix/bsd distributions superior (arguably) to microsoft windows, so should microsoft stop charging for windows.
-The majority of 'bugs' within the mirc software exist with the scripting language, thus not affecting the vast majority of its users.

Now my suspicion is that your using a premade script of some kind, for which the coder has made some major mistakes causing problems, try download a clean copy of mirc from mirc.com. I think you will find that it works perfectly well for its intended use. (re: chat NOT file trading)

Can you name a superior Windows IRC Client with anywhere near the amount of features that mirc has? i doubt it, i have tried dozens and mirc is by far the least buggy and most advanced.

Anyways, if you dont like, dont use it.

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