(1) [why] The hell would anyone pay for this piece of crap software?
(2) Seriously, it sucks.
(3) And $20.00 for a shitty and buggy software like mIRC is completly obsured.
(4) How much crack were you people on when you thought it was a good idea to steal peoples money?
(5) I can get a slew of other clients perfectly free for IRC and they are just as good and most are even better.
(6) Seriously, never charge money for this [censored] again.
(7) Infact, you should refund everyones money you theiving bastards have stolen from them with interest.

(1) Assuming it was crap, people would still pay for it, i mean millions pay for windows dont they?
(2) So your saying it dont work for you, just the way you wanted it to.
(3) Wasnt sure what "obsured" was ment to mean, but $20 for software that runs even if u dont pay it, is hardly gonna break even brokeass's bank accounts.
(4) I didnt need crack to think "stealing by overpricing" has ever been a bad idea, if some fool well pay it ill see it for 2000% (this has nothing to do with mirc by the way)
(5) A slew eh?, Please name seven.
(6) Why not MS chaged money for WinMe and it wasnt even an update to 2K.
(7) Your not actually stealing when u let people pay for something, and if they dont well it works for them anyway.

As a final note, Im wondering if you brought mirc as part of a big rip offer, like some of them "buy our product and get free movies for life", you pay you get sent all the shareware to download and make movies, but only afterwards discover you payed for nothing, OR if u just payed for mirc, OR if your just some whiner?