Mouse gestures rox!
I've suggested this feature maybe an year ago, when I first saw it in Opera, but nobody seemed to like it wink
Anyways, Khaled doesn't have much choise: there MUST be next version
And the reason is very simple: IRCD's evolve
And if Khaled doesn't want his client to lose popuparity, the minimum is to add support for features that are used on major networks
One may say "script those features yourself", but mIRC is supposed to be THE MOST USER FRIENDLY CLIENT, and as I understand it this means "everybody should meet no difficulties while chatting"
That's why I am asking for things like vchans support, network specific channel central, notifies and more
I've got mine scripted a long time ago, but how many of the so called "lamers" have them?
How many of you talk to ppl that don't even know what mIRC is, teach them how to use it, what is a chanmode and things like that?
I think I've lost my thought now :>

And all I need now is intellectual intercourse, a soul to dig the hole much deeper