The current version is fine except for the fact that it uses upto 55MB ram when running certain scripts on it. This is fine for people like me with 512MB or more, though older computers do feel the pinch. Apart from the memory leak issue, the current version is quite stable and feature-packed.

Visually, I wouldn't encourage Khaled to change much as mIRC is popular because of two things:

1. Easy-as-pie scripting language.
2. Clean looks with the biggest channel window in the business.

Any change to the GUI should be limited to, maybe, a slight makeover for the toolbar buttons. Naturally bugfixes should be the main priority. I am not after much in the way of new features though I do look forward, one day, to the implementation of some 'added-value' to DCC such as Video Chat.

None-the-less I still look forward to each version and in a way I am glad there's no set timetable for releases. Anticipating what new 'goodies' are included in mIRC is part of the fun in waiting, even if it is six months. I am sure that if Khaled could wrap mIRC in paper and offer it to the users as a present, then he'd do just that. grin