ty hammer ...... i keep forgetting that one ......
now that ivwe finally gotten this far ..... how can u remove text in a listbox if ur tryin to enter the same name in it

my listbox contains both a name and a number after it but say someone tries to overwrite it without deleteing ,,, ive adding some code to fix that problem inside the nicks ini and cvariables im storing the info in ... but once u add it i am not sure how to remove the extra nick number combo in the list box without clicking delete cause clickign that after uve already added a new one would then erase the newly aded info in variables and in the nics ini

say ive got this for instance

Nick1 4 nick1
nick2 2
nick3 7
nick4 10 colortogive typed nick: 12
nick5 13
nick6 15 ADD typed DELETE Selected


ok now click add right now when i have nick 1 and 12 selected in the color adds nick1 12 to the bottom of the list ..... it changes all the variables on nick1 and once u reopen the dialog its not there cause its no longer in the ini it reads from ..... but i want to make it delete that line from it right when i click add of a previously added nick ..... im having trouble figureing out which would be the easiest ...... and workable way to get it to actuaslly find the line nuber of the text line i want removed ....... anyhow any help on this lil nuisance im having would be appreciated