on *:DIALOG:dnc:sclick:25:{ 
  //write nicks.ini $calc($did(dnc,28).sel -1) $did(23).text
  set %dnccolor. $+ $did(23).text $calc($did(dnc,28).sel -1)
  set %specialnicks %specialnicks $did(23).text
  did -a dnc 21 $calc($did(dnc,28).sel -1) $did(23).text
  did -r dnc 23
on *:DIALOG:dnc:sclick:26:{ 
  //write -dl $+ $did(21).sel nicks.ini
  unset dnccolor. $+ $read(nicks.ini, $did(21).sel)
  did -d dnc 21 $did(21).sel

ok i know that by looking at it it doesnt show much .....
but what im trying to do is add a list of nicks to a variable separated by a space ..... then look for a nick in that variable using isin %specialnicks ..... to add a cline command .....
i can add the nicks np and set its correct color variable like

%dnccolor.nickname 2

and the specialnick variable like

%specialnicks nick1 nick2 nick3 nick4

but what im trying to do is also have it delete nicks and color variables from there ... and its klinda giving a bit of trouble ..... im able to delete them from the ini file to store the nicks for the dialog but im having a bit of trouble say deleting just one nick from that special friends list ...... i dont know how id go about just removing one word in a variable and then resetting the variable?? any help would be appreciated very much .....