Well, I understand your position, but there is one thing you forgot to take into account:

  • I'm not a teacher, and you're not a pupil.
In other words, this is a case where one helper (you) tries to correct another helper (me).

If you look at it in that perspective, then me saying you should think twice before trying to correct me isn't that weird at all.

I suppose it's clear by now: I do not appreciate people telling me what I supposedly do wrong when I know I'm right, and I will keep saying what I've said (think twice before...) for as long as anyone (not you per sť) feels the urge to try to correct me in such circumstances.

There's not one strand of hair on my head that would even consider trying to correct someone on a certain aspect, when I know that they are multiple times better than me in that field. At best, I would formulate it in a careful question in the trend of: "Shouldn't that be... ?", which, applied to this situation, would be something like: "I might be wrong but shouldn't you specify $1- instead of $1 in the identifier"? And I would have responded with "No, because...", and we wouldn't even be having this conversation.

So, where you thought I was arrogant in my reply, I already thought you were arrogant before my reply, for not considering the fact that you might be wrong (for which the odds were high), and not having the subtlety to formulate your claim in a more "question"-like way, when addressing someone that is far more experienced than you are.

Looking back at it, I didn't even do any sort of name calling, whereas you are the one that personally attacked me by saying "OMG you're so arrogant". You didn't take the time to look at it from my point of view.

Anyway, you know how I feel, I know how you feel, so as far as I'm concerned this case is closed.