I am not using $1 anywhere in this thread, but I suppose you are referring to that thread that was linked to here where I posted a solution using regex.

You're wrong.

In mIRC, identifiers are delimited by commas not by spaces, so $1 contains the entire string passed.

alias test {
echo -a 1 = $1
echo -a 2 = $2

//!.echo -q $test(this is the first parameter, this is the second)

In other words, passing $1- to test like $test($1-) means there is only 1 parameter (no commas), which means inside the test alias the entire string is contained in $1.

Whether someone will get kicked quicker or not with the regex all depends on how the regex was created, so your argument holds no water. I didn't make any tailored function to help the original requester with his problem, the regexes that I did use merely pointed out something to Brax, they were not "final" solutions of any kind.

Think twice before trying to correct me.