on *:CONNECT: unset %wdelay.*
on !*:JOIN:#:{
  if ($($+(%,wdelay.,$cid,.,$nick),2) != 1) {
    set -u10 $+(%,wdelay.,$cid,.,$nick) 1
    whois $nick $nick

You mentioned it was "all in one line"
in this case no that is not good
repair it or retype it to look like the above copy.
Some browsers read the code copied from this msg board "wrong"
One solution I have seen mentioned is to copy from here, paste into word (wordpad?) clean it up and copy/paste into mIRC's editor from there.
Otherwise pates into the mIRC editor and sort it out manually there.
I guess it would depend on how much code is being pasted as to which way would be better.
I myself am lucky and don't seem to suffer this problem.