There's another post on this site, regarding the problems with taking code from the site and using it in mIRC. One of the options in that post, and the one that I use, is this link <a href="javascript:(function(){var%20c=document.all.tags('pre');for(var%20i=0;i<c.length;i++)with(c(i))void(outerHTML=outerHTML.replace(/\x3CBR\x3E/g,%20'\n'));try{void(document.styleSheets(0).addRule('PRE','color:darkviolet'))}catch(e){}})()" target="_blank">Fix Code Tags</a>

If you save that link to your favorites in your browser, then when you see code in the forum that you want, click that favorite, before copy & pasting the code. Please note that the code must be surrounded with Code tags to work.