I have done this before, but since I havn't scripted in a while i have forgotten. I have this socks script that is a "Hey_bot" that connect to a server and says hey to people that join, only problem is people abuse it and it gets kicked.

I need either both or one of the following things:
- Script that makes it rejoin on kick
- Script that adds a delay so that when people /hop repeatively to make it say "hey ____" it only does it every 10 seconds max. (I did this before, but forgot and lost it, this would be perfered to help reduce flooding)

If someone could, please I am really grateful.

Alias Connect {
  .sockopen IRC irc.codestream.org 6667
  .sockwrite -n IRC NICK Hey_Bot
  .sockwrite -n IRC USER Hey localhost Bot :Hey Bot
  .sockwrite -n IRC msg identify Hey_bot %pass
  .sockwrite -n IRC JOIN #codestream
  .sockwrite -n IRC JOIN #hacking
  .sockwrite -n IRC JOIN #cStrike
  .sockwrite -n IRC JOIN #kaitnieks
  .sockwrite -n IRC join #aryan-n00bs
  .sockread %data
  if ($gettok(%data,1,32) == ping) .sockwrite -n irc pong $gettok(%data,2,32)
on *:JOIN:#: {
  .sockwrite -n IRC PRIVMSG $chan :Hey $nick $+ !
  if ($nick == You) ns ghost You %pass
  else { if ($nick == Mode) ns ghost You %pass }
  else { if ($nick == Owned) ns ghost You %pass }
on *:TEXT:Hey:#: {
  .sockwrite -n IRC PRIVMSG $chan Hey $nick $+ ! How you doing? :)