i have a little problem with this. for some reason when someone joined with "a" as nickname it banned him. Is this because he only used one letter in nick? If so can i fix that? This is what i have so far.
#swearnick off
on *:JOIN:#: {
  if ($read(censor.txt,nw,$+(*,$nick,*))) { ban -ku60 $chan $nick 5 Bad word in nickname. 60sec ban please change nick and rejoin. | .msg truguce $nick was banned for using bad language in nick. }

on *:nick: {
  if ($read(censor.txt,nw,$+(*,$newnick,*))) ban -ku60 $chan $newnick 5 Bad word in nickname
#swearnick end

Also can someone help with the On *:nick command cause that does not work. Thanks

Just found out when someone use ** Hello ** they got warned and kicked. I am guessing it is because of the * in my code.

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