Hi, this problem randomly started occuring thismorning, i've tried everything i can think of to get it fixed. I log in on the network, but nothing happens when i type /j #scorpio, and autojoin doesn't work either. Heres what i get:

•• Script Started (9 times)
* Connecting to stinger.2Kx-Scorp.Net (6667)
Server Notice- *** Looking up your hostname...
Server Notice- *** Found your hostname
Server Notice- *** If you are having problems connecting due to ping timeouts, please type /quote pong 21D2B2F8 or /raw pong 21D2B2F8 now.
•• Users: 7 Invisable: 1407 Servers: 6
•• IRC Ops Online: 31
•• Unknown Connections: 2
•• Channels: 38
•• Local Clients: 610 Servers: 1
•• Current Local Users: 610 Max: 819
•• Global Users: 1414 max: 2555
Local host: 60-234-139-177.bitstream.orcon.net.nz (
Mode- ScOrPiO-Minsk sets mode: +iwx
-NickServ- This nick is owned by someone else. Please choose another.
-NickServ- (If this is your nick, type /msg NickServ IDENTIFY password.)
-NickServ- If you do not change within one minute, I will change your nick.
-NickServ- Password accepted - you are now recognized.
-HostServ- Your vhost of minsk@minsk.i.am.a.server.and.i.like.that.scorp.com is now activated.
* /dialog: invalid parameters

that last line has only happened once. What should i do?