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Can't join channels

Posted By: Minsk

Can't join channels - 23/10/05 04:54 AM

Hi, this problem randomly started occuring thismorning, i've tried everything i can think of to get it fixed. I log in on the network, but nothing happens when i type /j #scorpio, and autojoin doesn't work either. Heres what i get:

•• Script Started (9 times)
* Connecting to stinger.2Kx-Scorp.Net (6667)
Server Notice- *** Looking up your hostname...
Server Notice- *** Found your hostname
Server Notice- *** If you are having problems connecting due to ping timeouts, please type /quote pong 21D2B2F8 or /raw pong 21D2B2F8 now.
•• Users: 7 Invisable: 1407 Servers: 6
•• IRC Ops Online: 31
•• Unknown Connections: 2
•• Channels: 38
•• Local Clients: 610 Servers: 1
•• Current Local Users: 610 Max: 819
•• Global Users: 1414 max: 2555
Local host: 60-234-139-177.bitstream.orcon.net.nz (
Mode- ScOrPiO-Minsk sets mode: +iwx
-NickServ- This nick is owned by someone else. Please choose another.
-NickServ- (If this is your nick, type /msg NickServ IDENTIFY password.)
-NickServ- If you do not change within one minute, I will change your nick.
-NickServ- Password accepted - you are now recognized.
-HostServ- Your vhost of minsk@minsk.i.am.a.server.and.i.like.that.scorp.com is now activated.
* /dialog: invalid parameters

that last line has only happened once. What should i do?
Posted By: dood

Re: Can't join channels - 23/10/05 05:04 AM

Have you tried disabling the dialog script?
Posted By: Minsk

Re: Can't join channels - 23/10/05 06:27 AM

nope, how do i do that?
Posted By: dood

Re: Can't join channels - 23/10/05 04:38 PM

Well it looks like you have installed a script over mIRC which might be to blame for this.
Posted By: Riamus2

Re: Can't join channels - 24/10/05 01:18 PM

You should install a clean copy of mIRC (no scripts) that you download from this site. If you don't know about using scripts and the dangers of doing so, it's better to not use any of them.
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