DaveC, although I haven't tried it, I've seen some test results for flipping a coin, where the difference is something like 50.5% tails and 49.5% heads after thousands of flips. **I'm guessing on the percents because I haven't looked at the report data in years, though I do remember tails being just slightly higher**

Om3n, I disagree about $rand in mIRC trying to avoid exact orders. Why? Because mIRC doesn't automatically try to do a sequence randomly. You either do a large number randomly [$rand(1,123434543345)], which would do any random number and would therefore not be trying to avoid correctly sequenced numbers. Or, you do each number individually [$rand(1,9) $+ $rand(1,9) $+ $rand(1,9) $+ $rand(1,9)], which does each number randomly using the same algorithms and not comparing it to previous $rand results, therefore it also wouldn't try to avoid sequenced numbers. Many random number generators are based on clock ticks which can make it less likely for results to be in sequence, but that's nothing to do with mIRC trying to prevent such a sequence.

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