Yes, you always have a chance on the first attempt to have that happen, albeit a very small chance.

It makes me think of the question of the chance to flip a coin and get either head or tails... If you ignore the weight difference that does affect the actual chance of getting heads or tails, and you flip the coin 9 times, and you have flipped 5 heads and 4 tails, what's the chance of getting tails the next flip? Sometimes people think too hard and try to figure out how many flips were done and so on, when the answer is 50% no matter how many flips are done. If you managed to flip 100 tails in a row, the chance of the next flip being tails again is 50% ... the odds never change when considering a single flip. Only when considering many flips at a time, do the odds change.

Just made me think of that. laugh

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