try this, made it call it from an alias so you can use the alias yourself, variables so you can edit the msg line to customise output easily, fopen for speed (not noticable) and so if the file changes location it only needs to be changed in one place.

on *:TEXT:!fah:#: {
  if ($nick == confuzzedintelguy) fah
alias fah {
  .fopen fah Y:/unitinfo.txt
  .fseek -l fah 3
  var %name = $gettok($fread(fah),2-,58)
  var %time = $gettok($fread(fah),2-,58)
  var %prog = $gettok($fread(fah),2-,58)
  .fclose fah
  msg $chan Current Work Unit: 'Name' %name 'Download Time' %time 'Progress' %prog

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