nvm it was my error thank you for your help i customized it a little and it works great smile

EDIT: just in case there are any folders in here this is what i did so my bot would show it because i use Xchat to chat and mIRC as my bot because i don't know how to do it in perl smirk

so here is the bot version
on *:TEXT:!fah*:#: {
  if ($nick == confuzzedintelguy) {
    var %lines.tot = $lines(Y:/unitinfo.txt)
    var %i = 1
    while (%i <= %lines.tot) { 
      var %stats.line =  %stats.line $read(Y:/unitinfo.txt,%i) |
      inc %i
    msg $chan %stats.line

you will need to locate your unitinfo.txt file from folding @ home and direct it in the right place

Thanks again

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