I'm having kinda the same problem, but I want to kick a person also when he has more than 1 bad word in a sentense.
example: when someone says: "Hello lame f*ckers", I want to kick the person, but only because he sayd "lame f*ckers", not only 'f*ckers' itself.
I hope someone can help me smile

Best Regards,


on @*:TEXT:*:#l: {
if ($nick !isop #) {
var %i = 0
while (%i < $numtok($read(words.txt,ii1),124)) {
inc %i
var %current.word = $gettok($read(words.txt,1),%i,124) {
//echo -a %current.word
if ($istok($strip($1-),%current.word,124) == $true) {
/msg $chan fout!
//echo -a %current.word
var %cal2 = $readini(stats.ini, mainstats, %current.word)
var %cal = $calc(%cal2 + 1)
/writeini stats.ini mainstats %current.word %cal
goto end

This is how i c/p your script you gave 2 posts up here (ty for that btw smile), what do i have to edit to make it work like i want it to?

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