hehe, well we are starting to get a bit off topic here...
That was just a sample for something that might take a long time if there's a lot of data to process, but that's not the only thing.

Anyway, if we are talking about it already, so here's some more info:
The text itself is in a dialog list, and the file size, as you've probably figured already, isn't the only thing in the line, so I need to sort it so the whole line stays, but it sorts only by a part of the line.
And yes I do use /filter from a window, because it's much faster:

/filter -aco @Window-name Dialog ID Sort-by-size

so it's a tricky situation wink

Anyway, as I said it's just an example.
I have encountered this many times, and you can do a simple loop of 20,000 with an /aline command in it to see how a simple thing like that can take a while.
I usually test this by making a %ctime var before the loop, and $calc( $ctime - %ctime) after it.
Anyway, I think you get the point...