Well I don't if this is a bug or not, but whenever you make a Very long loop (like 100K comparisons) then mIRC Freezes.
This is very annoying because mIRC isn't responding to anything, and all the dialogs and windows freeze while it's running the loop.
But after a few seconds (like 20 or so, depending on the size of the loop) everything goes back to normal.
Anyway, when the loop takes more then 40 seconds or so you are also disconnected from most of the servers you're connected on because mIRC didn't respond to anything while the loop was running.
So, would it be possible to make mIRC use its resources more efficiently so it can run one loop and still respond to other events ?
I agree that same events must process one after the other so the order remains.
But I'm trying to do a simple thing like loading a dialog and mIRC freezes until the dialog is loaded....