It kinda surprised me noone else has ever noticed this, but i couldn't find any other reports about this in the forum, so here goes nothing:

I noticed that my mirc got laggier and laggier every day it was running (uninterrupted by restarts). After a while of experimenting i discovered the following:

1) Open up an application to measure the number of GDI objects used per application - For example TaskInfo2003 or the windows taskmanager (you'll have to enable showing GDi-objects first in the view -> column menu)

2) Go to your mirc (i've been testing on the latest mirc version, clean install)

3) Copy some text from a status/channel window to your clipboard (you have to copy from a channel/pm/whatever window by selecting the text and releasing your mouse... copying from for example the editbox wont do)

--> every time you copy a piece of text mirc creates a new GDI object which never get destroyed untill the window you've copied from is closed!

This might seem like a stupid small bug to some people, but if you're running mirc 24/7, on a bit older computer, you will start to notice this pretty fast

I haven't been able to figure out the exact source, but I'm suspecting this isnt the only part of Mirc leaking GDI objects.. if I let mirc run for a few days, then close all opened networks/windows/etc, the number of GDI objects used is always alot higher then after a fresh start.

I hope you people can do something with this report.. and thanks in advance for fixing this in feature versions smile