From the helpfile:

Returns Nth item in the Internal Ban List, or if N is 0 returns total number of items in list.

Propreties: by, date, ctime

$ibl(#mirc,1) returns the first address in the ban list
$ibl(#mirc,1).by returns the address of the user who set the ban
$ibl(#mirc,1).date returns the date when the user set the ban
$ibl(#mirc,1).ctime returns $ctime format for ban date

Note: See $chan() for more information.

Sorry, but nowhere says that I should "take" the ibl alone (or by "mode #chan +b" or by double clicking to the channel's window...:).
I knew what I have to "take" the ibl alone, but for which reason $ibl() command exists?????? Would be bad if mIRC asks for ibl (lists for excepts and invites too)? We know how to solve this problem, but what about other "progremmers" :P?

So, I still believe that this is a bug... :P