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md5 hash for xdcc server ads General Discussion 15/11/06 09:02 PM
Detect current upload bandwidth usage Scripts & Popups 12/11/06 07:23 PM
Remember Nick Window Size (channel) mIRC Help 30/07/06 10:09 PM
Fserv !list reply event? Scripts & Popups 23/07/06 07:34 AM
How to remove Music files from DCC>Folders? General Discussion 18/08/04 01:04 PM
need a script to prevent the matrix2 virus Scripts & Popups 21/02/04 12:06 PM
can't play mp3 files in mirc mIRC Help 26/11/03 03:50 AM
What's the versionreply of mirc 6.11? General Discussion 13/10/03 01:49 AM
warning about pasting more than one line bug Bug Reports 11/10/03 04:46 PM
text to speech recognition on non english OS Bug Reports 30/08/03 08:47 PM