Any help would be much appreciated...

I have access to a website (will call it for now! - It's a government one!)

WHERE THE 638 is a number between 1 and 1104

The website has this information (I've tried to include it in as much detail as poss!):


LINK 1 [pic]
LINK 2 [pic]   Name        |  <name>
LINK 3 [pic]   Address     |  <address1>
LINK 4 [pic]               |  <address2>
LINK 5 [pic]               |  <address3>
LINK 6 [pic]   District    |  <district name>
LINK 7 [pic]   Region      |  <region name>
LINK 8 [pic]   Telephone   |  <tel. number>
LINK 9 [pic]   Fax         |  <fax. number>
LINK10 [pic]
LINK11 [pic]
LINK12 [pic]                               LINK13

points: LINK1-12 = links to other websites
<> = actual details (change for each page)

The Name/Address/ not change. They are the same for each page...

Right, to the point!...

I want to be able in some way to go to each page one after the other, and get the <name>../..<fax. number> listed on each page. and save them to a text file maybe, separated with commas/tabs/something (not spaces)

It's similar to employee details, where the 1 - 1104 are employee numbers, and going to that page shows you that employee's details...

Is there a way?

Maybe using sockets, etc... but I'm too god dam thick to even get started with them!!!

Any help would be GREATLY apreciated smile