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#97738 - 16/09/04 01:38 AM mark all channels read
StampedeXV Offline
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since i'm kind of a power-channel-user i'd appreciate a "mark all channels read" option.
Why do i need this?
A: I'm not always on, and since i'm on like 30 channels i don't want to know if something happened some time ago but if someone is talking NOW.
Therefore i need the channel-highligting from the moment i chose.
right now i have to klick at all channels to "erase" everything.

Hope you understood my bad english smile

Stampede from Germany.

#97739 - 16/09/04 01:51 AM Re: mark all channels read
Sat Offline
Hoopy frood

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Maybe you already know, but this can be scripted - put this line in your aliases (alt+ra):

/f8 { var %i = 1 | while ($chan(%i)) { window -g0 $v1 | inc %i } }

Then press F8 to reset all channel windows' switchbar colors to normal. You can pick any other function key or alias name of course.
Saturn, QuakeNet staff

#97740 - 16/09/04 06:02 AM Re: mark all channels read
zack Offline
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f8 var %i | scid -a var % $+ i = 1 $(|) while ($chan(%i)) $chr(123) window -g0 $ $+ v1 $(|) inc % $+ i $chr(125)

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