version 6.x-6.15
when a nick is set to display one color in the listbox
(i set guest* and nicks that start with ^ { } [ ] | \ etc
to diff color to find easier)
yet i have it display in message the same color as all
other default user level nicks
The M parameter needs a 2 option to look for how it
should be displayed in message window

or suggest no M evaluate for message text color setting
as is at present there is no diff between no M and M=1

Example: (set nick to have a listbox color and then
set it again below that line to have a diff listbox and
message text color)
Guest*!*@* listbox grey
any nick listbox and message text blue
on ^*:TEXT:*:#:{
echo -lm # $+(<,$cnick($nick).color,$nick,>) $strip($1-)
echo -lm # $+(<,$cnick($nick,0).color,$nick,>) $strip($1-)
echo -lm # $+(<,$cnick($nick,1).color,$nick,>) $strip($1-)
echo -lm # $+(<,$cnick($nick,2).color,$nick,>) $strip($1-)
$cnick(N/nick, M)
Returns Nth nick in nick color list, or if nick is specified returns Nth position of item in list that matches nick. If nick doesn't match any items, returns zero.

Properties: color, modes, levels, method, anymode, nomode, ignore, op, voice, protect, notify, idle

To get a nick's color, you can use $cnick(nick).color. If nick doesn't match any items in the list, returns 'Normal Text' color, or if M = 1, returns 'Listbox text" color. M is optional.