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#88931 - 02/07/04 11:02 PM mIRC
zzz7_98 Offline
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Can users of mIRC who download movies and music be traced using their IP?? any incidents where users have had problems because of downloadin stuff???

#88932 - 02/07/04 11:47 PM Re: mIRC
Coolkill Offline
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Actually, you(or others) should not be downloading movies via mIRC feel free to search these forums for other such threads regarding it.

On IRC it is usually not possible to trace someones' nickname via their IP, however in certain countries that allow it, it is possible for legal services such as the FBI to trace users via their IP and in America you will probably have heard that alot of people were taken to court for downloading via applications such as Kazaa, the same can be done via IRC.

Please also note that there is a difference between mIRC and IRC, mIRC is a piece of software that uses IRC protocols and technology.


#88933 - 03/07/04 12:54 AM Re: mIRC
NightCrawler8283 Offline
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people who download movies and music via IRC using mIRC or any other IRC chat client are all susseptable to being traced. but only on networks where the server/networks owners are helping the fbi. in my own opinion. i dont see the fbi getting involved in the irc debate because network owners will not help with such investigations. i have my reasons to back this up but would just start a flame.

so. the answer is YES. you can be traced.
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