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#84970 - 02/06/04 05:02 PM HOW DO I FIND THIS CHANNEL........
iyrland Offline
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IF i want to find a channel with movies on it......hwo would i find the channel that has movies as the topic?........thanks for the help.....

#84971 - 02/06/04 05:07 PM Re: HOW DO I FIND THIS CHANNEL........
Mentality Offline
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Channels do not have movies on them. There are, unfortunately, channels out there that you can obtain movies in. This is highly illegal and goes against what mIRC is for. We do not help with obtaining illegal files, or in general, mass/illegal file sharing (that includes mp3s or software). If you want a movie, you'll need to rent it or buy it, or watch it at the cinema.

See this post.

As an FYI, there's no need to put your subjects in all capitals, it's considered shouting and therefore, rude. It also won't get you helped any faster!


#84972 - 02/06/04 05:08 PM Re: HOW DO I FIND THIS CHANNEL........
The_Game Offline
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