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#83605 - 21/05/04 12:22 AM DCC send not working? Router LinkSys - BEFSR41 V3
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Can someone help me setup my dcc send option in irc work! I just recently purchased a router "LinkSys model #: BEFSR41 V3" and I can't seem to send anything ever since I hook it up. I've search the forums now for approx. 2 weeks and I still can't seem to get it working properly.

Does anybody have any suggestions?


#83606 - 21/05/04 12:37 AM Re: DCC send not working? Router LinkSys - BEFSR41 V3
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As you have searched the forum for two weeks I guess you have looked at, and read, all of the posts in the Can't DCC Send thread? Also, take a look at kareno.net linksys help page.

The general idea is that you forward atleast two ports on your router, preferably in the range of the default range in mIRC - that being 1024-5000. You then need to set the same ports in your DCC port options:

ALT+O > Connect > Options > [Advanced..]

You may also want to browse the LinkSys support page for help with any features in the router that you do not understand.



#83607 - 21/05/04 09:11 PM Re: DCC send not working? Router LinkSys - BEFSR41 V3
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linksys router help site this is a link i believe mentality gave you. this is the site that helped me. it works.
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