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#64077 - 14/12/03 06:23 PM password protected...
ZorK Offline
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can i make a channel on irc.americasarmy.com so if my server breaks down the bot can be admin just by typing a passoword???

#64078 - 15/12/03 12:35 AM Re: password protected...
KingTomato Offline
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Depends if your server has services. Usually most do, but on occasion some don't. I'd either try to type /chanserv help or /msg chanserv help and see if anything displays in your status window. If it goes on about services, the command you want is (Soemthing like):

/chanserv register <channel> <password> [description]

You usually have to be an operator on the channel when typing that command. Again, if /msg chanserv works on the help command, use that instead of /chanserv. Additionally, replace <channel> with your channel, <password> with your password, and the description is also usually optional. For an example, if I wanted to register #kingtomato with the password "secret", i'd use:

/chanserv register #kingtomato secet This is a channel description

Once registered, you then use /chanserv identify <channel> <password> to identify as the owner of the channel.

If these don't seem to wrok, try joining #help, #opers, or #services on your network. There is usually an operator there whom can assist you.