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#564 - 09/12/02 12:10 PM script help
ChAdWiCk Offline
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hi, what im looking to do is, if i get a message from someone saying "show send details" it automatically reply's to the nick with the details ("/show sends" in polaris) how can i get it to do that? i think its something like

on 1:TEXT:show send details:?:/msg nick /show sends

but doesn't work cause /msg nick /show gets wont work, how can i get it to work? any idea apprechiated



#565 - 09/12/02 01:33 PM Re: script help
dsq Offline
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On 1:TEXT:*show send details*:?:{ /msg $nick %details }

try using your details as a variable make them update like every minute or less.

#566 - 09/12/02 06:21 PM Re: script help
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/show is not a command in mIRC, so i would asume its a custom alias in your script.

what i would recomend you do is edit this alias so that you can /who sends [nick]
that when you specify a 'nick' it will send the details to 'nick' rather than echo them to the active window.

it may look like this, although i have no idea how your current alias is set up.

show {
  if ($1 == sends) {
    if ($2) { var %cmd = msg $2 }
    else { var %cmd = echo -a }
    %cmd detail line 1
    %cmd detail line 2..
    %cmd detail line x

notice we are seting the varable %cmd to the command u wish to use on the details, so that if you specify $2 it will asume $2 is a nickname u wish the details to be directed to

also note that you may wish to use .msg rather than msg, this will hide the details so that you dont have to look at yourself sending them.

this is just one of many different ways you could acomplish this.

hope this was helpful