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#3751 - 28/12/02 03:31 AM server is full for 2 solid days?
leg Offline
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Registered: 28/12/02
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I have been trying to connect for 2 straight days with no success. (No more connections allowed in your connection class (the server is full)). What the heck is going on?

#3752 - 28/12/02 03:32 AM Re: server is full for 2 solid days?
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It probably means the server is full. And yes that can be the case for two days and even longer. There may be alot of users auto-reconnecting when they drop off which will make them beat you to connecting again. You can use mIRC's persistent connection fucntion to keep trying to connect or you can try another server on that network, if they have other servers.
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#3753 - 29/12/02 12:18 AM Re: server is full for 2 solid days?
VinnyD Offline
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If your trying to connect to Dalnet that is problem a lot of people are having.

Dalnet's servers have been under attack causing some of them to shutdown or worse, unlink!

All you can do is try another server and port.