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#30397 - 17/06/03 03:26 PM Could someone please listen to my music?
MajorTommy Offline
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hello there,

my name is tommy ryan and i am a singer songwriter from australia and i was wondering if some people could check out my little site, download a song (free) and tell me what the think.

I'm nothing worldclass, but i'd still like to know what impression people get after listenning to my stuff.

go to spam removed

thanks for your time and take care
tommy ryan smirk

I think most of us have formed an opinion of you without having to listen to your music. Who would honestly believe a mIRC help forum is an appropriate place to advertise their music?


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there's nothing but the music

#30398 - 17/06/03 03:27 PM Re: Could someone please listen to my music?
pheonix Offline
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spammer? :tongue: , y did u even think to post that on a mirc scripting board?
go to some music spam forum or something

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new username: tidy_trax

#30399 - 17/06/03 04:38 PM Re: Could someone please listen to my music?
_D3m0n_ Offline
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for once im in agreement